Cover for Wise Woman's Guide to Writing a Business PlanWise Woman’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Whether you’re starting your business or doing your annual business planning and strategizing, the Wise Woman’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan will make gathering and analyzing your business information easier and more effective. You’ll gain insights and create a business plan that can be leveraged for business guidance, loans, or acquiring investors.

Divided into easy-to-use sections, the guide shows you how to gather the information you’ll need, analyze it, and prepare the required sections of your plan. At the same time, the guide will help you discover the holes in your business planning, strengthen the assets you bring to the table, and analyze the similarities and differences between you and the competition.

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Wise Women’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan is a great resource for women looking to write a business plan that makes sense. It is both thought provoking and easy to follow.
~~Dawn C. Lochridge, JD, CPC, Business Quest, LLC