Wise Woman Guides were created to benefit the entrepreneurial woman by:

  • Providing easily understood information and “how-to” steps on specific topics
  • Giving affordable instruction for women business owners who are ready to begin new business strategies or enhance existing ones
  • Adopting business and technical topics for a woman’s point of view

We are in the process of converting our online guides for the woman entrepreneur into more accessible formats for any e-reader you happen to have.

Wise Woman’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Write a business planWhether you’re starting your business or doing your annual business planning and strategizing, the Wise Woman’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan will make gathering and analyzing your business information easier and more effective. You’ll gain insights and create a business plan that can be leveraged for business guidance, loans, or acquiring investors.

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Wise Women’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan is a great resource for women looking to write a business plan that makes sense. It is both thought provoking and easy to follow.
~~Dawn C. Lochridge, JD, CPC, Business Quest, LLC